Short and Sweet –Books, books, books!

This won’t be a long post (I’ll have a regular post up soon…I think).

If you know me at all, you know I’m a reader. I have been ever since I was capable of reading. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are library-related: Lock-ins at the library near our house in the city when I was really young, where I rolled out my sleeping bag in the stacks and read Winnie the Pooh  by flashlight with my mom;  trips to the library with dad when I was a little older, browsing through spinning racks of Babysitter’s ClubGoosebumps, and Fear Street paperbacks; picking up Prince of Tides way before I was probably old enough to understand it because I saw it at the library and liked the title.  I remember spending summer days reading on the couch, while my mom watched soap operas nearby. There were not enough BSC books to keep up with how fast I read.

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Over the last few years, I’ve become addicted to GoodReads to both track my own reading, and see what other people are reading. A year or two ago I decided to start reviewing everything I read on there, for a couple of reasons. One was that, with as much as I read, it’s hard to keep the details straight after I finish something and move on to another. I thought writing reviews as I finished books would help me capture some of the details that reminded me why I loved (or didn’t love) a book. Another reason I wanted to write reviews was because, to be quite honest, I love reading reviews by other people. It felt a little selfish to reap the benefits of reading other’s opinions without giving back and sharing mine.

I have actually really loved writing the reviews, and it has helped me to track and remember by reading better. I actually have also had a couple of people mention that I should start a blog and have book reviews on it, one of those comments very recent.

So…while I still want to blog about other things too, I think I might start adding book reviews to this blog. When I created this WordPress site who-knows-when ago, I actually called it “Janine’s Bookshelf,” so maybe I thought even then I’d have a more book-centric blog.

I don’t know that I will blog about every book I read — it feels redundant, since I do have my reviews all on GoodReads (though I know not everyone is on Goodreads) — but I think I will start to have more book-related blog posts. If nothing else, it might help me to be more consistent about writing/posting than I have been in the past.

Anyway — this post is really just to say that “Janine’s Bookshelf” might become more than a cute blog name I picked and never used years ago. And, since “The Great Harry Potter re-read of 2017″ has begun, if I do a book-related post in the near future, it will probably center around the gang at Hogwarts.

We’ll see how it goes….thanks for reading 🙂

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